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Equipment List

Welding & Fabrication: 
   •  Welding Equipment 
   •  Metal-Forming Equipment

Plate Cutting & Marking:
   •  Hot-Cutting Processes
   •  Cold-Cutting Processes

Manual Machining Equipment:
   •  Manual Milling
   •  Manual Lathes

Automated Machining Equipment : 
   •  Automated Milling Machining
   •  Automated Lathes

Heat-Treating Furnace 75-ft Deep : 
   •  75-ft. deep x 10-ft. high x 10-ft. wide overall size, 
      with 15-ft wide x 15-ft. deep x 10-ft high at the T-head.
   •  Computer-controlled, fires to 1850° F. max.