East End Welding

East End Welding LP

A Subsidiary of Connell Limited Partnership


and skill
are conveniently
combined within
our single facility
specifically designed to allow optimum project control

Production Facilities: 140,000-sq. ft. – all under hook!
Overhead Cranes – [22]

Fabrication/Assembly Bay – 33-ft. under hook
          60-ft. x 250-ft. with [1] dual-trolley 40/10-ton crane
          and [2] 10-ton cranes
Fabrication/Assembly Bays – 22-ft. under hook
          [3] 60-ft. x 250-ft. each with [1] 10-ton
          and [1] 20-ton crane
Shipping/Receiving & Warehouse area 24,000-sq. ft.
          Staging Bays [2] 33-ft. under hook
          [1] 40/10-ton crane, [1] 20/10-ton crane,
          and [2] 10-ton cranes
Plate Material Processing & Complete Machine Shop
          39,000-sq. ft., [5] 10-ton overhead cranes
          and [1] 30-ton crane, all 20-ft. under hook
Furnace – 10-ft. x 12-ft. x 6-ft. car-bottom gas-fired,
          1,500 degrees F max.
Furnace Large Capacity: 75-ft. deep x 10-ft. high x 10-ft.           wide overall size, with 15-ft. wide x 15-ft. deep x 10-ft.           high at the T-head. Computer-controlled, fires to
          1850 F. max., charting up to 42 thermocouples
Abrasive-Blast Booth – 20-ft. x 20-ft. x 55-ft.
Paint Booth – 10-ft. x 10-ft. x 12-ft.
Paint Booth – 18-ft. x 18-ft. x 45-ft. with retractable roof
          and overhead crane access

East End Welding
– is more, much more!